3 Apps That Will Keep You Sane This Holiday Season

Hola out there!

I've personally tasked myself to produce content once a week for the month of November, so here I am for week one. [Please hold your applause. I'll be here all month.]

I don't know about y'all, but I love the holidays! They breed cozy vibes. This time of year is filled with family, friends, good food, sweet music, a giving nature, and just all around love! Even if you don't like the holidays, you can't refute those things. They're fact. Do not debate me.  -_-

And at the very same time, this INFJ gets frazzled from too much stimulation. Too many people, too much work, too much hanging out, too much noise - it gets to me. And I know I'm not the only one! Good thing for you, I'm learning ways to cope appropriately. For me, I turn to these things:

  • alone time on the weekends
  • running
  • yoga 
  • meditation/deep breathing
  • listening to music
  • alcohol, preferably ciders, wine, or margaritas (just being honest)  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Although those are great ways to stay connected for me, they may not be your thing, convenient, or accessible. So, here are 3 free apps to help keep you from strangling your crazy uncle, driving into exhaustion from all of the traveling, or vibe swapping with your annoying cousins... You're welcome. ;)

3 Apps That Will Keep You Sane During the Holidays


I found this app probably over a year ago and fell in love pretty quickly. It's an app that helps guide you through different meditations. Don't let the word "meditation" scare you! The easiest (but one of the most important) activity they offer is a breathing coach. It's a circle that displays and prompts you when to inhale and exhale. Simple enough! There's a free version of the app, which has become increasingly limited as they've expanded. Although I don't have the paid version, I definitely see value in making the purchase. The money would be worth it.  BONUS: They have sleep stories which are essentially bedtime stories for adults. You'll be zenned out and asleep in no time!

App is called Gratitude Journal  but icon says Bliss 

App is called Gratitude Journal

but icon says Bliss 

I haven't been using this very long, but I see where it's taking me. The Gratitude Journal gives you ''scientifically proven techniques" that help improve your happiness and strengthen positive psychological traits through the practice and observance of gratitude. Gratitude helps place awareness on all of the great things present in your life, thereby increasing your appreciation of the present moment and happiness. So, while the stress might be mounting, the Gratitude Journal exercises can help put things into perspective for you and keep you grounded. 


Okay, okay... This may sound childish, but this app is perfect for when you need a quick few minutes away! It's a very simple game where you connect dots of the same color to get points either by a certain time or number of moves. I play it before bed to wind down, during quick breaks at work, and even on plane rides since it doesn't require wifi connection. It's great for giving you a mental zone-out session, and it's one of my favorite apps. Don't knock it until you try it!

Simple enough! I'm here for a good time, not a long time. ;) Also, one last thing!

With the holidays coming up, I want to spotlight a small business specializing in damn good desserts! Save Room Desserts is located in the DMV area, and I recently ordered a sweet potato pound cake to carry home for Thanksgiving... I. Cannot. Wait! I'll be the victor of Thanksgiving, and I won't even break a sweat in the kitchen. 

If you need desserts for events, the holidays, etc, check her out! You won't be disappointed. *All photos below are shared from Save Room Desserts Facebook photos.

I hope you find solace in these 3 free apps! Your mental and emotional health is numero uno, especially during times of the year where things can be overwhelming. Take care of yourself, then take care of others, in that order. DBSL!

[Do good]

[Be good]

[Show gratitude]

[Love one another] 

See you next week, and let me know what things you'd like to read, learn, or chat about!