11 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for You + Boo

Hey y'all!

Halloween weekend is upon us, and it's my favorite thing of all time! So much so that I usually dress in costume everyday for work leading up to Halloween. Yes, I'm a freak. Yes, my husband is embarrassed. And yes, my job allows it. Sue me. It's amazing I'm not a cosplayer...

Untitled design (1).png

I digress. No cosplayer here, so I pour all that I have into Halloween, as evidenced above.

I love the build up, but I also struggle with wanting to do culturally-relevant costumes that might not be as widely known at my PW (predominantly white) work space. Who wants to dress like Justice if no one has ever seen Poetic Justice?! Or Hillary from Fresh Prince if it wasn't a staple in your childhood? Or Felisha if you don't actually know where "Bye Felisha" came from..? Ya know? 

So I choose costumes from movies and shows that I like and hope most people, race aside, might be able to guess, because that's where the fun lies. I also am I huge fan of using what's already available to you OR easily thrifted.

Here's what I came up with this year, costumes perfect for you and your boo if you're into couple costumes.. Fair warning, my husband is not, but he obliges. Bless his heart.


Individual Costumes

1. I love HEY Arnold! So, you know what I had to do. (I found a tutorial for the blue hat.)

Hey Arnold.jpg


2. Britney Spears | The queen of pop. Everyone recognizes this outfit!


3. Velma | Scooby Doo. This was my nerdiest costume and also one of my favs.



4. Workout Barbie. Just print out the logo and cut it out, make your best ponytail, and tape it to your pinkest, girliest athletic outfit.


5. Bad Sandy | Grease. She's the easiest to dress like when you have an hour to pick a costume before leaving the house. You're welcome! (The cigarette is rolled up piece of paper, pants are yoga tights, shirt is a black tank with the straps pushed down, and the belt is my husband's baseball pants belt.)

Bad Sandy.jpg

6. Wednesday Addams | Addams Family. If you have a black dress (or 2 black pieces), a white collared shirt, and 2 braids, you're good to go. 

Wednesday Addams.jpg

7. Issa Rae | Insecure. I was most excited about this one! Peep my "We Got Y'all" logo shirt. (Also printed, cut, and taped on like the Barbie logo.) My hair is twisted on either side and pulls back into a low bun, while the front is swooped and pinned to the side. I threw on some chucks, an acid-washed jean skirt, a camo jacket, and dangling earrings to complete it out.

Issa Rae.jpg


Couple Costumes

8. Forrest & Jenny | Forrest Gump. One of my ALL TIME favorite movies. (Wanna know a secret? That's my actual wedding dress!) The hat has the Bubba Gump Shrimp logo also taped over my alma mater. :)


9. Danny & Bad Sandy | Grease. Just make your man wear a fitted black tee, black jeans, white socks, and semi-dressy black shoes. Boom! Couple costume in 5 minutes.

Grease Couple.jpg

10. Workout Barbie & Ken. Fit couple? Show it off. Bonus points if your guy wears floral swim trunks.


11. Salt & Pepper. When we first started dating, point and shoot cameras were awful. You could see me and he was washed out or you could see him, but I was a black dot.. Hence, Salt & Pepper. Also, super easy "costume" for couples of different skin tones when you have 10 minutes to choose a costume before leaving the house.


That's all I got this year folks! I hope these spark some creative juices or you steal them right from here. Share this post with Issa Rae! ;) Happy Halloween!