#BlackLove: Our 3 Year Anniversary [VIDEO]

Hola out there!

IMPORTANT NEWS: My anniversary is today. I've been married for 3 whole years, which is kinda crazy.

Tonight is the premiere of #BlackLove (convenient, huh?), a docuseries on OWN. In honor of our anniversary and the premiere of the show, my hubbs and I did a #BlackLove video of our own. Take a peek at our video, and join in on the conversation. What is #BlackLove to you?

I asked my husband what black love meant to him, and he had a pretty good response. My answer was wordy, per usual, but I wanted to convey this picture: 2 black people who share unique experiences (based on how they see the world and how the world sees them) that allow a cultivation of mutual respect and genuine love for one another... See? I told you it was wordy. Experiencing this life as a black person is such a unique thing (and I'm sure everyone has unique experiences, so don't come for me with that nonsense), and it's so difficult to explain since much of it can only be felt. It's nice to find a person who understands that and can walk that journey alongside you.

Watch as we chat about how we met, who made the first move, and why we chose each other to be teammates in this thing called marriage. I hope it entertains you, but also inspires the love in your own life to flourish and mature.

Also, here are corresponding pieces of information from the video.

- *Correction: The Man has told me it's "fatter than a tick" not "madder than a tick".

- Family Feud Pork Cupine clip

- My parents have been married for 39 years. My math skills are poor, very poor.

Now tell me, what does Black Love mean in your life?