5 Tips To Conquer Your Fear & Start A Yoga Practice [VIDEO]


Hola out there!

The weather is finally starting to chill out, pumpkins are everywhere, and year-end stress might be starting to creep up on ya.

This time of year is not only for indulging in hearty meals and beer during game day. It is perfect for setting boundaries, implementing new self care practices, and trying something new as well.

I personally need to up my meditation which will do WONDERS for me, but what about you? What do you think about… yoga? (Bet you couldn’t have dare guessed I was gonna say that! 😏)

I LOVE being able to intro people to yoga for their very first time - whether it’s answering a question, showing them a pose, or teaching a class - I feel on fire with excitement. The question “HOW DO I START YOGA?” is prevalent beyond belief, so I decided to collect my thoughts and answer it once and for all.

Check out my newest YouTube video where I give you 5 simple tips that will help you make your yoga debut. It’s not nearly as nerve-wrecking as you might think, and bonus - you don’t have to read my rambling words this time around!


If you’re looking for an easy peasy, slow moving flow, check out my Easy Morning Yoga video. It’s perfect for beginners or even the advanced yogi looking for something a little softer. And obviously, it’s perfect for when you’re just waking up. :)

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- seria.

*Feature photo by bruce mars on Unsplash