[APRIL] Look Back

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Hola out there!

I’m a huge believer in looking back on experiences and decisions in life BUT ONLY to thoughtfully evaluate and learn from them in order to set yourself up for better outcomes as you move forward.

With that in mind, each month I want to let you in on insights, lessons, and fun or helpful things I encounter in hopes that you can learn or improve, quit doing something, or adopt a new thing that works in your personal life.

If you decide to do your own monthly Look Back, please tag me on social media! I’d love to see them!

Here it goes for the month of April:

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[1] Persisting Mantra - “Your ideal self would do this.”

It’s no secret - ya girl lacks follow through & the mantra above is seriously wipping me into shape. Why? Because I envision what I have to lose being more important than the current comforts at hand. I imagine how accomplishing the necessary task will make me feel versus how disappointed I feel when I don’t step up. There’s this quote floating around on the interwebs that says “Visualize your highest self, then start showing up as her.” It basically kicks me in the ass with how simple but blatant it is. Like, “Yo, you got shit to do! Step up or don’t.”


[2] Biggest Influence — SUNNY LENARDUZZI

I'm OBSESSED w/ Sunny Lenarduzzi, THE YouTube business expert. She's a YouTube strategist genius but has TONS of great advice for entrepreneurs all over. I stumbled upon Sunny about 2 years ago and have been following ever since. Even if you're not into YouTube but are a curious creative or budding entrepreneur - GIVE. HER. A. LISTEN! She's got endless content on YouTube, courses on her site, & a podcast. I love listening to the podcast during my runs - life hack there for ya. You’re welcome. ;) Ultimately, she's the real deal when it comes to helping entrepreneurs elevate their business. Click HERE to learn more about her! And click HERE for my recent fav YouTube vid of hers.

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[3] My Must Share — Mystic Monday

By no means am I guru when it comes to Tarot. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider myself a novice, but I LOVE the Mystic Mondays app! According to MysticMondays.com, Tarot “is an intuition tool for spiritual guidance.” Although they have an actual card deck with gorgeous colorful images, they also have an app. On the app, you pull 1 card for the day and are presented with a reading. Much like Astrology for me, it's a really fun guide to look forward to each day. Although sometimes I can’t make a connection with what’s been presented in my reading, most times I feel it's pretty spot on, which is really cool. It's like mini validations OR kicks in the ass on the regular.

Photo by  Tim Gouw  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash


[4] April Reflections

I had a big life change in January and was excited to see the coming months unfold. Unfold they did, but things are coming along much slower than I had hoped. Although I’ve been productive and overall happy with my decisions, I have to admit that I’m disappointed with my timeline to complete tasks. I’ve had conversations with myself around what change looks like (in life, in my body, in my thinking, in relationships, etc.), but as things develop, side effects and outcomes have in some cases turned out vastly different than what I imagined. Many of my journies in life have often been at a snail’s pace, but that’s similar to any cycle you might see in life and nature. Nothing transforms over night. It’s take 9+ months for a fetus to mature into a baby. It takes decades for those babies to mature into full blown adults. Good things take time, and let’s be honest - if I’ve always been a slow poke, maybe I’ll always be that way. (Acceptance, people. Acceptance.) I’m growing to learn that a slower path doesn’t equate to something being wrong, bad, or inadequate. I’m re-learning that patience (+ hard work) is a virtue that we’ve forgotten. If I continue to follow the light, my path will progress and blossom as it should, no matter the time it takes.

Photo by  Harry Sandhu  on  Unsplash

[5] Looking Ahead

Transparent moment: I "waste" lots of time overthinking, researching, running things by other people, causing me to mentally exhaust & quit before I start. (See what’s causing all of that slow poke nature of mine?) Looking ahead, I'm excited to put my all into passion projects that feed my soul and better me while DITCHING the doubt and overthinking. The time passes anyway. I might as well use it wisely.

And there you have it! If you have a regular reflective practice, what are some take aways from your own life you can share? Also, if you found this helpful or think someone else can, please do good and share it with them. ;) See you in the next post!