Do I have to sign anything to participate in class?

Yes! Prior to practicing your very first class on, you must fill out the waiver. You can access that here.

How do I join the class?

After purchasing your space for class on the site, you will receive an order confirmation email acknowledging that you have reserved your space. Prior to class, you will receive another email containing the link that will be accessible on the day and time of your class.

Do I have to turn my camera on?

Yes! In order to particpate in a virtual class, you MUST have your camera on and focused on yourself during the duration of class. This is so I can see you and ensure that you’re safely practicing poses, but also because this is a community-encouraged atmosphere, much like an in-person class. If everyone has their cameras off, it will be much harder to create a connection among all of the yogis.

Can I record the session?

No! Much like an in-person class, we do want to respect the privacy of all attendees. Do not record the class, do not take screenshots, and do not post any pictures of an ongoing class to social media. It is best to have your phone put away (unless you are watching class on it!) Again, we want to respect everyone’s privacy and right to practice in a safe space, especially in their homes.