5 minute friday (5MF) 

I'm doling out tid bits of positivity in the form of 5 minute chats geared towards helping you grow, move past comfort zones, adopt a new perspective, or open your mind. You might receive encouragement, pep talks, new perspectives, and good vibes. What's not to love about this?! Tell your friends. ;)

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Somehow, being an IG comedian, a Youtube personality, or ambiguous internet star has become a legitimate way to make a [very nice, fulfilling] living these days. Let's not forget all of the other spaces (old & new) that people are creating for themselves to do what they love while earning a living (shout out to all of the life coaches out there!)

The Blueprint Podcast is my attempt to share the stories and different avenues that go-getters, hustlers, and grinders have taken to live the life they've dreamed of. Whether a person has taken the leap and just quit their job or has been in the BYOB (be your own boss) scene for a while, I want to ask the hard questions in hopes of finding some huge life gems & sharing the insight with you!

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Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash