5 Minute Friday (5MF)

5MF7 | august 10: SELF TALK

Self talk is muy importante but are you saying the right things to yourself? I've got three ways to ensure you're setting your self talking brain up for success. Listen, SHARE, and let me know if you're an angel, devil, or somewhere inbetween when you scan through the inner conversations with yourself! 

5MF6 | august 3: boundaries

Welcome to August! In honor of "National Simplify your Life Week", I'm talking about boundaries! They can be essential to your overall health, but they're not always so easy to establish. I have a few brain hacks to make it a bit easier. Listen, SHARE, and let me know if you struggle with boundaries - respecting them, setting them, or otherwise! 

5MF5 | JUly 27: FISI

I'm back and ready to help you adopt a mentality/method that will catapult you to growth. If you struggle with perfectionism that prevents you from completing projects or have insecurities about your work, this is most definitely for you! Listen, SHARE, and let me know what transforms for you.


I'm getting the hang of this consistency thing, and hopefully I'm not speaking to soon. Today I chat about how I've allowed (& even used as a crutch) my personality traits to influence how I navigate challenges. Hint: perhaps I'm using too much ego. >_< Listen, SHARE, and let me know how you navigate challenges because of or inspite of your innate personality and character traits.

5MF3 | june 1: comfort zones

Happy June! Summer season is the perfect time to talk about comfort zones and how they are NOT serving us! I share 3 reasons why comfort zones are no bueno in hopes of helping you bust through your own! Listen, SHARE, and let me know how you're breaking through.


The 2nd 5 Minute Friday & I'm rambling about this weird thing I call "The Journey". Well, not so weird, but my obesession is. Give it a listen, SHARE, and let me know how you're directing your own journey.

5MF1 | May 18: Authenticity

This is my very first 5 Minute Friday & I'm talking about Authenticity, cursing, and being non judgmental. Short but worth it. ;) Give it a listen and let me know the ways you execute authenticity in your own life.