RECIPE: Easy Matcha Protein Smoothie (great for breakfast or a meal replacement!)



Happy to see you’ve landed on this space of the interwebs! I’m guessing you’ve landed here for one of the following reasons:

  • You’re looking to add more “healthy” [insert noun] into your life.

  • You like matcha tea, protein, and/or smoothies and need a new recipe.

  • You’re interested in the word “easy” and want to see what the hell I’m talking about. ;)

Whatever the reason, thank you! You won’t be disappointed, ESPECIALLY if you NEED matcha green tea in your life like I do… Need is a strong word, particularly in the way I capitalized it for dramatic effect, but I’m sure you get it.

If you just want the recipe, then skip on down to the ingredients. If you want some quick health stats of key ingredients, go ahead and get on my magic school bus. I’ve got some facts for you!


Matcha Tea:
A super green (in color) tea that’s most effective in powder form. It’s high in antioxidents, which help to prevent the changing or damaging of cells, and I’d call the taste “earthy” while others describe it as grassy. I’m a hippie, so I love the taste. It does contain caffeine, so it can work as a pick-me-up. Most notably, it might have cancer-prevention properties, which has been proven in animal test studies. Even without the human test results, you need this in your diet.

Bananas: The yellow berry-family fruit (who knew?!) is low in carbs and cholestoral, has very low to no levels of fat, and boasts a good amount of fiber (about 10-12% of your RDI). Unripened bananas have less sugar and more fiber which can assist in regulating blood sugar levels and makes for a happy gut environment. This also means you can feel full and satisfied for a little big longer. Bananas can be decently sweet though, so be mindful if your diet is low in sugars.

Flaxseeds: Oh, flaxseeds! These have been a huge buzz on the trendy foods list but for good reason. They contain lignans (micronutrients), which have been linked to preventing cancers and stopping tumor growth. Super notable - the levels of lignans specifically in flaxseeds have been found to be *800 times higher when compared to other foods! They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are often associated with fish, but can be obtained from plants. Omegas promote heart health and can protect against heart disease. Because the body does not make omega-3 fatty acids on its own, it’s important to supplement your diet with foods that contain them. Note that flaxseeds should be ground when consumed so that the body can easily absorb its nutrient benefits.

Those are the benefits of the main ingredients in the smoothie, so feel free to fact check me with the links I’ve provided below. :) On to the full ingredients list, which isn’t much longer.

photo courtesy of  Vitalist Superfood

photo courtesy of Vitalist Superfood

Banana & Matcha Green Tea Protein Smoothie W/ Flaxseeds

INGREDIENTS (WARNING: My recipes are low on rules and high on experimentation.)

  • 1 ripe banana (or unripened if that’s your thing)

  • flaxseeds (a sprinkle to 1-2 teaspoons, you get to decide!)

  • 1 pack of powder matcha green tea (I use Pure Leaf)

  • protein powder (I use 1-2 scoops of Orgain’s Vanilla Bean Plant Based Protein’s vegan & the best protein powder I’ve ever tasted)

  • water

  • cashew milk (or whatever milk your heart desires)


  • Add the matcha in your blender first & blend it alone for a few seconds. It can be lumpy and not so satisfying if you bite into a lump of earthiness.

  • Add your protein and give it another quick blend.

  • Slice the banana in half so you get two short pieces & drop it in.

  • Then add your perfect combo of water & milk. For me, adding water just keeps the caloric intake low, while the milk adds thickness. Maybe you prefer all milk or all water. Do you, boo!

  • Lastly, add your flaxseeds on top.

  • Blend, blend, blend to your heart’s liking.

  • To note: I like to use frozen bananas to make the smoothie cold and thick. If my bananas are fresh/not frozen, I add crushed ice to the smoothie before blending OR cubed ice after blending.

I hope you like this smoothie recommendation as much as I do. I often make the same smoothie without matcha and instead add a tablespoon of peanut butter.. You’re welcome!

If you try any variation or put your own spin on it, let me know on Instagram! I love connecting there!

- seria.

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