4 Thanksgiving-Inspired Thoughts That Drive Me Crazy Every Year

Hola yall!

I hope you are well and abundance abounds you!

It's that time of year again - for people to become thankful, boastfully sharing it with the multitudes on social media, while posting pictures of turkey legs and cranberry sauce that, in all honesty, probably isn't the gourmet it appears to be.


No shade, but you've seen those posts too. ;)

Over the years, I've grown more and more disinterested and at dis-ease with proudly celebrating American holidays that aren't quite drenched in the true patriotism that we'd like to think, which is why Thanksgiving has become a conundrum for me as I've mentally, spiritually, and socially matured.

As I listen to Love Galore by SZA (I pronounce it Sah) :insert smirk emoji here:, I offer you to feast upon the 4 thoughts that plague me around this time every year. Get ready...

1 - I'm always thankful. I'm a budding hippie-yogi-gratitude loving-meditating individual who makes it a point to practice gratitude all throughout the year. Even when I'm not in the best of moods, and I'm complaining (I'm human!), I still acknowledge and emit gratefulness for the easily overlooked advantages and conveniences I have. I honestly can't tell you how many times I've felt the warmth run through my veins when snuggled under a blanket in bed, my house nicely heated to 73 degrees while the temperatures rage in the low 30's outside, and thought, "What a fucking blessing!"

My main point - gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness should all be part of your daily, weekly, monthly, LIFELY routine, and not just reserved for a certain time of year, especially when the next line of questioning and convo is drenched in your wants of a Christmas list. 

side eye.gif

2- Pilgrims and Indigenous people weren't best friends like I was taught, and I'm upset about it. This holiday has been falsely fabricated to appear that our (not mine, but maybe yours) ancestors were offering the great gift of gratitude to their foreign hosts, which may have been true at one point. However, it's most definitely not how that relationship ended.

It sucks that I can hardly remember being taught about the Trail of Tears (anyone ever hear about the Tulsa Race Riot from a history teacher in grade school?) but was taught very early on that in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

History has been traditionally told by a very strong, opinionated, one-sided, half-to-no truth-telling narrator, which has slowed down our progress to true acceptance and opportunities for all. It's still in effect today. My history books sucked.

3- Do I deserve this day off? Because of my last thought mentioned, I feel bad that we get this day off from work. Like, how dare I not labor on this day! Am I in celebration of the unforeseen demise of this beautiful group of humans? How fucking dare I?! (However, I absolutely love spending time with my family, which is what I look forward to the most!) :insert weary emoji here: 

4- Why is society so eager to skip from Halloween to Christmas? To end on a lighter note for those of you getting nervous in your seats, are you at all bothered by the fact that society tries to quickly move us from Labor Day to costumes then straight to Santa? Like, chill! We have plenty of sweater-wearing, foggy windows, tights and boots, colorful leaves, and cool weather outdoor events to revel in before Santa arrives. Stop rushing my life's experiences, Society! Just stop it!

This flows quite well into mindfulness! We need to practice just "being" and enjoying the stages and pit stops where our holidays coincide with nature's seasons. If we tuned into nature more often, we'd be much happier and healthier. Even when the days move like molasses, I'm bummed when the weeks and months seem to elusively steer right by me. Before I know it, four months have breezed by. Someone needs to meditate more! >_<

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful musings of my brain! ;) Let me know if I'm the only one who thinks these things. I'd love to hear different perspectives.

Happy November!



Featured photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/autumn-autumn-leaf-autumn-leaves-chocolate-239584/